Why Do Owners Look Like Their Dogs

Have you ever wondered why all dog owners look like their dog?
I look quite like my dog here but I no longer smoke pipes because I realized that it also encouraged him. But now he won’t stop.dog

I believe the reason is because we all affect those around us. The Closer things are to us the more they are affected by how we behave. Let give you an example:

You walk up to someone and you’re angry and pissed off. Perhaps you woke up out of the wrong side of bed. Maybe you didn’t sleep much or eat breakfast and have some angry brain chemistry or despair chemistry going on in your mind.


You walk up to a very happy person have an angry outburst transmit angry energy and totally influence them to be angry also. Lets face it who out of all of us in this world can be good to someone who is angry towards us.


The good thing about dogs is you can be mean and horrible to them and they will still love you when you walk in the door.


Loyalty adoration and unconditional love are hard not to love back and that’s the reason everybody loves their dogs so much.


You can always create love by being love and remove bad energy by being pure love and surrendering. Other times you will have to rise up and shine a good vibration.


You always inspire and encourage the behavior of those around you. In humans, animals an even plant (Science has proven this) so the more positive and loving you are the more you create and teach.


So make sure you try to improve your behavior!


If not for yourself for those around you.