Fire Breath Push Ups

Sometimes called "Pranayama Push Ups"

This exercise is one of the repetitions we do in yoga class. We do 10 to 20 reps each time.

Beginners can only manage 10 reps usually. 15 is hard even for advanced students.

This exercise will tone pectorals and also triceps which often sag under the arm and have awful names such as Bingo Wings.

There are all kinds of insights tips and tricks so that your wrists stay healthy and you can do the exercises for longer duration's. Take a look at a few and subscribe to the youtube channel for more videos from Mark Giubarelli.

We choose to do more of these nowadays because yoga would tone your arms but have a very negative effect on your wrists and anterior shoulder. This was added so that some of the bad movements could be removed and we could tone the arms chest and core better than ever.