Bodywork with Special Yoga Adjustments By Mark Giubarelli



Healing Neck Alignment - Touch examination before gentle massage then deep tissue work leading to adjustments to get your neck in perfect alignment.

Shoulder Relief - Special adjustments combined with precise pressure point release opens above your shoulders and in-between.

Upper Back Pain - Target parts of the upper back to alleviate deep pain.

Low Back Yoga Adjustment - The low back is checked for alignment, muscle imbalance, and possible disc injury then carefully treated to align energize and revitalize.

Shakti Hip Opener - Open your hips with deep tissue palpitations around your sacrum, the top of the hamstrings, and inner thigh to completely free up the hip movement like never before.

Earth Foot - Ground your energy by unblocking tension with this special foot massage that deeply works into the soul or your sole.


Intro $6o

Intro Consultation and 60 minute adjustment.


Single $70

Travel charge for me to come to you is $25. (Applies within 10 mile radius of Hollywood)
Each session 60 minutes includes healing reports based on initial assessment.



Neck Adjustments Example

Quick Neck Fix

Get quick fixes with 30 minutes dedicated to the neck and shoulder muscles. Keep your neck in alignment and remove tension from deep tissue with these quick sessions.

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A special combination of yoga poses and bodywork will leave you feeling opened and balanced. You can choose to get bodywork for a number of different ailments or practice a yoga set and get special adjustments.


* Techniques involve many types of palpation. The Latin term palpare translates to touch but palpation involves much more than simply touching the muscle. In these techniques special measurements are done to locate target muscles. They are assessed by carefully sensing the muscle balance, tight or loose, is it inflamed or tender, before being worked on with pressure.


Designed specifically for your back ailments such as Scoliosis >>. Learn how to heal your back with yoga and gain confidence using Yoga to manage your back pain. MORE ABOUT HEALING BACK PAIN - HEAL NECK PAIN


Mark Giubarelli has helped thousands of people with neck pain. He is a master at removing muscle pain and aligning the bones.  Get special adjustments in Yoga poses to help align your spine. Learn poses that keep it straight and ones to stretch it.



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