Adjustments For Neck Healing And Alignment



These neck adjustment techniques were developed over thousands and thousands of yoga classes.  They are designed to rebalance the neck and bring space to between the discs.

Adjustments can also detect discs that are slightly out of place and correct the position.


Neck MRIPosture problems terrible-effects-of-mobile-phones

Prolonged bad posture as a result of using devices such as phones can cause serious imbalance in the discs and the muscles.

Postural alignment is taught in conjunction with these adjustments. This allows a deeper awareness about posture in daily life.




Careful neck work on the muscles helps to loosen tight muscles. These adjustments will leave your neck feeling more aligned and balanced than ever before.The alignments of the bones is checked and carefully adjusted with safe adjustments to align your neck so that it is perfectly straight.

30 minute - 45 minute - 1 hour sessions available



Muscles That Act On The Neck and Head

The human head is quite heavy  with the average adult head weighs around 10 to 11 pounds (4.5 to 5 kg).  This weight increases proportionally getting heavier the more the head leans forward and down. When upper posture is bad the saying goes "for every inch that the head moves forward in posture there is an increases in weight of about 10 pounds" (4.5 kg).

An average bowling ball weighs 16 pounds (7.2 kg) or less.

Posterior Muscles

Splenius Capitis   – (Extends the head and cervical spine, Lateral flexion of the head and cervical spine)
Splenius Cervicis   – (Extends head and neck. Laterally flexes head and neck to same side)
Semispinalis Capitis   – (Extends and hyperextends the head and the neck. Uniterally rotates the head and the neck)
Semispinalis Cervicis   – (Extension of the cervical spine, lateral flexion of the neck and rotation)
Semispinalis Thoracis   – (Extends cervical neck and thoracic back vertebrae)
Rectus Capitis Posterior Major   – (Extends and rotates atlanto-occipital joint)
Rectus Capitis Posterior Minor  – (Extends and rotates atlanto-occipital joint)
Obliquus Capitis Superior – (Lateral flexes C1 atlanto-occipital joint)
Obliquus Capitis Inferior – (Rotates C2 atlanto-axial joint)

Shows: Fish Pose Adjustment for Upper Posture


Picture by Leonardo da Vinci

* Techniques involve many types of palpation. The Latin term palpare translates to touch but palpation involves much more than simply touching the muscle. In these techniques special measurements are done to locate target muscles. They are assessed by carefully sensing the muscle balance, tight or loose, is it inflamed or tender, before being worked on with pressure.

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ginaGina Chai Farrell· Works at Beverly Hills Posture, Walker Ozar, DC
Mark has a good eye for the imbalances people hold in their body and I was no exception. Towards the end of class one day he commented on my back and neck tightness and offered to work on my neck during Savasana. Any sort of body work tends to be a bit painful but that little bit of pain is worth it when you walk out feeling like a weight has been lifted - literally. Mark has a firm yet understanding touch and can help you if you're holding any unnecessary tension.

jennyJenny Falkoff· New York University
Mark felt that my vertebrae were not properly aligned and he did a great job of working with them at the end of class. my head and neck felt much better afterward. expecting more assistance the following class, he sought me out and felt that they had actually remained in shape since his prior adjustment.

emmaEmma Cole · Musician at Singer/Songwriter
Mark is amazing! He is very in-tune with energy, which is an important part of being able to find imbalances in muscle and tension if the neck. I was hit by a cab as a pedestrian 4 years ago and my neck locks up from time to time. Mark always finds the problem and makes me feel back to 100% in 10 min

franFrancesca Vannucci · Boston Conservatory
I had a car accident that left me with back and neck injuries. Mark was able to not only help fix my injuries during his classes with adjustments and guidance, but he also explained to me the nature of my injuries and helped teach me to continue my own healing process through the right kinds of stretching, yoga and massage.

lygaLygia Orta · Los Angeles, California
Mark has a natural talent for being able to read misalignments in the neck and is able to gently push them into place. I have never been able to let anyone crack or adjust my neck after a car accident where i had whiplash. I 've had injections of 'prolotherapy' and neck therapy with 'electrical stim' for a few months, several years ago... but i have recurring pain on and off. Mark does not crack or force the bones. With massage he realigns them back.. and Voila!! Now, I havn't had any recurring pain for almost a year. The best part is that Mark seems to remember everyone's issues and will individually give custom advice and pointers during class for their individual practice. Thank you, Mark for being so in tune with your students!

deeDee Rousseau
Mark's class is a combination of strength training, meditation, and a chiropractic visit all in one. He's able to align my neck to prevent future pain and help release muscle tension. Wish he taught every class!

jarretJarrett Price · Works at Platinum Equity
I suffered pretty severe whiplash from a snowboarding accident. After going to the doctor and seeing a physical therapist, I was still in quite a bit of pain. Mark was able to quickly identify the problem and worked on my neck once and I was immediately better! After 3 of Mark's 5 minute massages my neck was completely back to normal. If you're having neck pain you need to see Mark, trust me!

seduSeda Bolulu · Works at Update Legal
I have been involved in two rear-ending accidents and have had recurring neck pain over the years. I was adjusted regularly by a chiropractor a short while after my second accident but after that my pain returned. Mark noticed an alignment issue in Yoga class and worked on my neck a couple times. It has since felt a lot better and I crack it much less throughout the day now. He knows what he is doing.

biancaBianca Badrinath · Works at L.A. Care Health Plan
Not only is Mark an amazing teacher but he also has a great sense of figuring out tightness and misalignment in the body and helping to alleviate it. As an active person I sometimes find myself with the occasional injury, etc. Mark is always able to figure out exactly what the source of the problem is and I always end up feeling a million times better than before I saw him. Thanks, Mark :)!

chelseaChelsea Aiken · Communications Coordinator at EduCare Foundation
Since injuring my neck over a year ago, I've tried to heal and alleviate the unrelenting pain with regular chiropractic adjustments, massages, and physical therapy treatments. Although the pain would subside after these frequent interventions, the relief never lasted more than a month. Then I had Mark examine my injury and he targeted the problem areas right away. After an hour-long session with him, my muscle tension was gone and the mobility in my neck and shoulders increased significantly. I left feeling lighter and more balanced than I'd felt even before my injury. It's been months since my appointment and my neck is still pain-free. Mark has an intuitive understanding of the body that cannot be taught and I would strongly recommend getting in contact with him before trying short-term treatment options. He's the best!

kseniaKsenia Luki · Yoga Instructor at Self-Employed
Mark really is amazing at what he does. Yoga combined with great massage techniques, deep knowledge of the body and energy work that is how I would describe the body work he does. I am a massage therapist and I was blown away by how he fixed quite a few issues I have hade for years in a duration of one session. Thank you!

daniDani Fernandez · The University of Texas at Austin
I love working with Mark because he actually cares about helping my pain and quality of life. I have a lot of back, neck, and jaw issues and he was able to pinpoint exactly where I was suffering and work to get me out of pain. Thank you for caring about my pain as if I were a friend and not just a client.

kirkKirk Glienke · Marketing & Public Relations Consultant at Kirk R. Glienke
Mark truly is amazing. In a matter of minutes he was able to diagnose and treat my neck pain in a way that no chiropractor ever has. I had just suffered from nearly two weeks of constant headaches and Mark managed to relax my neck and practically eliminate my pain. I also learned from him how to relax my neck when I feel the tension beginning to cause a problem. I estimate that my headaches and their intensity has decreased by around 90% following this single treatment! Thank you Mark!