Neck Pain Healing with old Yoga Techniques

The neck is often a source of pain. Years of bad posture and bad sleeping habits cause muscles to get stuck and glued together. This reduced blood flow and increased pressure strains the discs and contributes to disc and nerve issues.


Vertebrae check for angle misalignment. Muscles causing this are identified and loosened. Space between bones checked for disc thinning and disc protrusion.



Major Muscles Being Worked On: Sternocleidomastoid - (Extends & rotates head, flexes vertebral column) - Scalenes - Deltoid  - (Abduction, extension, lateral rotation, flexion and medial rotation of arm) - Supraspinatus - (Abducts arm and stabilizes shoulder joint).


Anterior Neck Muscles Need Attention Because ...


When you tilt your head down it becomes heavier.

In this example the head can be six times as heavy causing mechanical problems due to compression in discs and muscle fatigue.


Neck Nerves and Discs can be at Risk!


Shows wear and tear from pressure on the discs.



Careful neck work on the muscles helps to loosen tight muscles. These adjustments will leave your neck feeling more aligned and balanced than ever before.The alignment of the bones is checked and carefully adjusted with safe adjustments so that it is perfectly straight.

30 minute - 45 minute - 1 hour sessions available



A special combination of yoga poses and bodywork will leave you feeling opened and balanced. You can choose to get bodywork for a number of different ailments or practice a yoga set and get special adjustments.
* Techniques involve many types of palpation. The Latin term palpare translates to touch but palpation involves much more than simply touching the muscle. In these techniques special measurements are done to locate target muscles. They are assessed by carefully sensing the muscle balance, tight or loose, is it inflamed or tender, before being worked on with pressure.