Aum Meditation Yoga Breathing Technique

The sound of Aum has always been sacred in yoga. Science has proven that Earth gives off aum (Humming) of endless notes completely undetectable to the human ear.

This hidden symphony occurring always remains a mystery to science.

The origin of this Hum or many hums remains a mystery but remember the Yogis heard it first.

Something called spheroidal oscillations (one of the recognized wave Aums)

Some in science think the waves come from pressure from ocean waves (the water element) or atmospheric waves (the air element) or even the Sun itself (the fire element).

The Sun also hums and scientists call it "THE SINGING SUN". Sound cannot travel through space but with instruments scientists can hear noise from the sun. Perhaps old Yoga practitioners can hear this too.

In the Aum sound a conscious connection with the navel
chakra is made to maintain good rhythm and strength.

Exhalation gradually lengthen after some breaths are made.

Quite often the yoga practitioner uses Aum to break down boundaries of separation and merge into the awareness of Yoga.

Aum has a very calming effect on the nerves. This is probably due to the vibration.

Different levels of sound can be made. Low tones are usually practiced but the practitioner must find the sound that affect every cell.

This can be performed in a seated or lying position. Lying down and practicing is a more effective way in reducing anxiety and stress.

Aum Breathing technique

Reduce stress with old yoga breathing techniques. The intensity of anxiety and stress can be greatly reduced when these old breathing techniques. Try them see which ones work with you.

These techniques can be applied during an anxiety attack when breathing is fast and confusion is present to reduce its intensity. When practiced well these techniques will remove stress completely.

Stage 1 pranayama Aum Pranayama

Listen in meditation. The mind must be relaxed and empty to hear the Aum. Spend time emptying the mind and removing rising thoughts so they are not so dominant.

Inhale deeply without obstruction. Try to mentally open the sinuses and nostrils. Just thinking them open will make a big difference.

Create the sound of Aum on the exhalations for as long as possible.

Experiment with the position of the tongue to create slightly different tones.

Use low frequencies. Use your belly Chakra and diaphragm.

Cross back over to the inhalation with smoothness.
Each time working on the transition and release of the diaphragm to improve it.

Repeat this technique. this is the best form of Aums. Unobstructed inhalations means inhalations without conflict. The exhalations are long enough and it may be argued that the later stages act as an obstacle in meditation. This is however a sight on pranayama.

Aum Pranayama pranayama Stage 2

Inhale and restrict the air flow to make the sound "sssss". Keep the sound constant and smooth.