Where Is the Semitendinosus?

The Semitendinosus of the hamstring muscles. It runs along the insides of the legs. It goes from the inner back of your down to the inner back of the lower knee.


What are the Symptoms of a Semitendinosus Tear or strain?

The hamstrings are the most commonly injured muscles in the human body.

This muscle can cause pain in the upper leg if the muscle is damaged at the top where it attaches. Often times the pain will radiate down the leg.

This muscle can also be damaged at the lower part giving pain behind the lower inner part of the knee.


What is The Function of the Semitendinosus?

Extends the thigh at the hip such as when walking it is responsible for drawing the leg backwards.

Flexes the leg at the knee.



Origin and Insertion of Semitendinosus


Lower, medial surface of ischial tuberosity

Medial surface of tibia (lower leg bone)

The 3 hamstring muscles are the semimembranosis, semitendinosis, and the biceps femoris. (With the exception of the short head of the biceps femoris)