Obliquus capitis inferior


Where Is The Obliquus capitis inferior?

The obliquus capitis inferior muscle is the larger of the two obliquus muscles.

One of the suboccipital muscles - Part of the suboccipital triangle.

Out of all the suboccipital muscles this is the only muscle that does not connect with the cranium.


What is The Function of the Obliquus capitis inferior

The Obliquus capitis inferior turns the head a little and tilts it up a little. Because it is a smaller muscle  it can only turn the head a little then the Splenius Capitis Muscle continues to aid in head rotation.

Helps in rotation of the head and also stabilizes the rotation. This muscle performs the key role of providing rotation of the atlas C1 on the axis C2.


The obliquus capitis inferior is involved in proprioception,which  is the sense we have of our body’s position and movement.


Where is the Origin and Insertion of the Obliquus capitis inferior?

C2 Spinous process of the axis vertebra.


C1 Transverse process  of atlas vertebra.



Where are the Suboccipital Muscles?

The suboccipitals are a group for four small muscles that attach at the C1 or C2 vertebrae. The are located at the top of the neck.

These are four paired muscles



The Splenius Capitis is illustrated with the white string.