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Hollywood Yoga


About The Hollywood Yoga Flows

Hollywood Flows >>

The Hollywood Flows are a series of yoga videos that use prepositions to develop muscles. They take you through a journey of old yoga poses and stretches while sticking to fundamental toning principles. We also laid down some awesome beats to keep you moving. The Hollywood Flows >>

Miami Yoga Video Series

Miami Beach Yoga Videos >>

These yoga videos were shot on North Miami Beach and feature model Angela Krisztina Ambrus.

Hollywood Yoga Challenge Video Series


Take a challenge workout to get yourself in shape with 30 days of yoga.
Mark Giubarelli has been a yoga teacher for over 20 years. He has helped influence Yoga in Denver, Miami and Hollywood.

Mark Giubarelli has taught late night classes in South Beach Miami and in Hollywood California. Bringing great beats combined with artistic flowing yoga patterns he spend much of his nights building these yoga classes from nothing into something.

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