Alignment Bodywork for Better Posture

This is a combination of special techniques to help restore proper posture.

Years of poor posture causes muscles to tighten along the front (anterior) of the body.

Muscles are opened and special techniques are taught to help you maintain good posture and prevent the spines discs from wearing down.

This course takes 10 sessions to restore the bodies alignment.

Muscles get tight and glued together when they are not worked on for a long time. Some people have never had their necks loosened or worked on and parts of the neck are immobile and stuck without them even knowing.


Over time tight muscles cause the discs compress and also cause nerve passage ways to become blocked.

Neck Pain Help

Major Muscles Being Worked On:
Sternocleidomastoid - (Extends & rotates head, flexes vertebral column) - Scalenes - Deltoid  - (Abduction, extension, lateral rotation, flexion and medial rotation of arm) - Supraspinatus - (Abducts arm and stabilizes shoulder joint).

Each of the areas shown below are treated with adjustments to bring length and equality.

What is the difference between a bulging disc and a herniated disc?

When discs and muscles remain imbalanced for a long period of time pressure and a lack of blood flow can cause them to deteriorate.

In most people there is a sign of wear and tear as early as their 20s.

Now more than ever we look down for long periods of time at some kind of device making it more essential than ever before to get treatments to prevent serious problems that occur as a result of poor posture.

Hip adjustment anterior body lengthened

Major Muscles Being Worked On:
Pectoralis Minor  - (Draws  the scapula round the ribs forward toward the ribs  and lifts the ribs during inhalation) - Pectoralis Major (Adduction, flexion and medial rotation of arms) - Iliacus - (Hip Flexion) - Psoas major - (Hip Flexion) - Tensor fasciae latae - (Internal rotation) - Sartorius - (Hip Flexion) (Hip abduction) - Rectus femoris - (Hip Flexion)